Das Käferhaus Vintage Werks Inc.

“The Beetle House”

Restorations and Rods

About Us

Fernando P Martinez has 25 + years experience in middle and upper middle management with a financial certificate from the University of Chicago. He has 30 + years of budget planning and operations management, and 20+ years in managing project management teams. He is the partner responsible for the administration of the business and project management. He’s had a passion for cars since he was a very young man, and started his own classic collection 10 years ago. He owns five classic cars. Two of which he did most of the work on, but he’s more of a weekend warrior.

Randall Sheridan is the technical partner and is responsible for the day to day shop operations and leading the restoration work on client cars. He is a graduate of WyoTech in Wyoming with concentrations on “Street Rods & Custom Fabrications”, and “Automotive”. He is ASC certified and 609 AC certified.  WyoTech is a very coveted school in the automotive trades, and he graduated with honors. He has 14 years of hands on experience, starting at his dad’s shop when he was a very young man, and continued after his graduation, working at automotive repair and well-respected restorations and hotrod shops. He has a number of well documented projects under his belt, including some in Fernando’s collection. Fernando was his customer, and recognized his commitment to quality, work ethic, and integrity. Randy and Fernando shared these same values, and when the opportunity came along to build a business they both share a passion in, they decided to open shop.

What’s in the name?

“Das Kaferhaus” translates from German to English to mean “The Beetle House”

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Phone: (815) 880-5191

Email: dkvintagewerks@gmail.com

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Hours of operations:
M – F 8:00 – 5:00
Saturdays by appointment
Address: 1118 Rail Dr. Unit C
Woodstock, Illinois